Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dog Sweater and Doggie submissions!

I've made a few sales recently, and I realized that my "doggie stuff" category is running really low on merchandise. So I stopped working on the human sweater I was working on and started working on a doggie one. I just added my newest DOGGIE SWEATER a few minutes ago.

You can click on the picture for a better view.

This one is made from recycled yarn! I bought a really ugly sweater, made from beautiful yarn and took it apart. There was a ton of yarn in the thing. I made a capelet (which sold), and now a doggie sweater. I think at some point when my "scarves" section is running low, I'll make a scarf out of the remainder too!


Last week's Halloween Favorites got one sale! Congratulations ShastaCreations...hopefully we'll get even more this week.

This week's theme is dogs! (In honor of my newest doggie sweater). Post any items you have that have to do with dogs...Pictures, clothing, jewelry, paintings, accesories...Let's see 'em all!

Tune in tomorrow for the "Friday's Doggie Favorites"!


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