Monday, October 26, 2009

Volleyball is Hard Work

Yesterday, I did living statue instead of magic, so I actually got out of work at 2 instead of 7...This meant I could join my friends at Sunset park for a game of Volleyball.

Now first I have to mention, that I'm horrible at school, I was the girl who ran away from the ball (I was so afraid of looking like an idiot), but with friends I'll go for it. Looking like a fool in your 30's in front of friends is waaaaaay different that looking like a fool in front of you teenage peers.

The court was a sand court, and man, I didn't realize how strong those beach volleyball players were. That's hard work running in the sand. By the end of the second game my legs were jello and I looked like one of those people who had just finished the Iron Man.

I did score a few points...that's not really a show of my technical prowess, more a show of the other team being just as bad as we were.

The boyfriend and I were so exhausted afterward that falling asleep while watching the History Channel was about all we were capable of doing.

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