Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Standing Still...For a living?

For the past 2 days I've been doing a living statue gig at a convention here in town. It's always strange to me when I do it somewhere other than at the Venetian.

Luckily I have friends that lend me their costumes (as the one I usually use is property of the Grand Canal Shops), and lend me their podium. I usually buy them wine or something as a thank you.

The podium I'm using this time, is 2 feet tall and is wide enough just for my feet. The coolest part, though, is that my dress falls down over it, giving the illusion that I'm 7 feet tall. Imagine the surprise on people's faces when I jump down for my break, and it's just little old me.

Today is the last day, and tomorrow will be spent mostly recovering on the couch.

In Treasury News:

NattyKnits just put me in a treasury! Yay!!!! It's been a while since I've been in one. The last time it made it to the front page, my first time ever!

Please go and check out the treasury by clicking here! And while your there, show some clicky love and leave a comment!


  1. i like the picture, now we don't have to feel so bad for hearing voices :)

    congrats on getting in a treasury!

  2. There is no way I could stand still that long. Not even sit that long.
    Aren't you glad that you aren't 7 ft tall?

  3. your legs must be exhausted from standing that long! i saw the 'human statues' on Los Ramblos in Barcelona and they were fantastic!

  4. I think I would want to twitch and fidget if I had to do this!

  5. Ooh, your sweater in the treasury is lovely, congratulations!

    When you do the statue thing... what happens when you get an itch? Insanely good self-control?

  6. sounds interesting : )
    quirky & fun!
    congrats on the treasury!


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