Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brown: The forgotten color (Submissions)

This hat was my earliest photo attempt
Yup, it's time for submissions again. This time I was thinking about fall and all the beautiful colors that it has to offer. One of my favorites is brown; it looks great on redheads (like me) and really warms up a pale skin tone (like me).

Often it is easy to forget what a wonderful color it is, I mean, even the name sounds kind of boring...colors like magenta, well they sound exciting.

So this week, I thought we should give brown its due. Post your brown items in the comments for tomorrow's "Friday's Favorites" feature! Lets show everyone what brown is made of!


  1. Brown? oh yes!! here is some brown!

    This red-headed doll has a brown top!

    2 variegated brown knit hats -

    I love brown! My new knits have blue and brown in them. I can't wait to see what you show us tomorrow!

  2. Ok, I have brown too:

    Brown Puppies stitch Markers:

    Fingerless gloves:

    Felted Bowl:

    and my little beaded purse:

    What a great color!!!!

  3. I've recently been getting back into browns-- in both my designs and personal wardrobe. You're right, it tends to be a forgotten color, but can really look great on so many different people when done right.

    Here's my brown item:
    Concentric Squares canvas painting

  4. Brown!! .. and cute !

  5. I love brown! Right now I have these arm stockings made with stretch lace in all the shades of fall. I can't wait to see what you choose!


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