Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Women of Magic

There's a class going on in town this week for women in magic. I went to the dinner last night. No magic was performed, per se, unless you count the cullinary magic of fondue. I love fondue (the cheese and the chocolate kind...the main course kind I can take it or leave it)...How could I even talk to these people? My mouth was stuffed the entire time....Oh no! I think I'm getting another fondue craving again.

Today I'm supposed to go over there and teach a class called "Tricks for Chicks". I decided to go with close up magic, since very few female magicians do close up. I tried to pick stuff that goes with their skill level...we shall see.

I think it's very important as a stage magician to do close up magic too...even if it's just a few tricks. When people find out you're a magician, the first thing they ask is, "Can you show me something?"...Now if you don't do close-up, what are you going to do? It's not as if you can carry a sawing-the-lady-in-half in your purse. (And when I say lady, I just call it that because that's what it's called because of course, you could always saw a man in half).

And just to clarify, for those that might be confused, close-up magic is magic that's done, well, close up. Usually it's done with cards and coins but it can be done with anything that you can reach at a moments notice....Stage magic is usually much bigger. A lot of times it can mean the big box tricks, but anything that's done on stage for a large number of people is classified as stage magic.

Enough with the magic for now...tune in tomorrow for a book review!


  1. Interesting! I find the close-up tricks the most enjoyable too for the audience. It makes the magic, well, more magical, more real to me at least. :)


  2. ha ha ha. I may have to get a portable saw a man in half now.....

  3. oh, i love close up magic. i am always amazed when i see it. and i would have to agree with you about fondue... so yum!


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