Thursday, September 10, 2009

Looking for Submissions!

Last week, two items from the "Friday's Favorites" sold! Congratulations PilliPillihandmade, and LocalGringos.

I hope we'll get some more sales this week.

Since I just finished making a scarf (which I haven't photographed or listed yet), tomorrow's theme is going to be stuff for your neck. It doesn't matter what craft you do, as long as your items are for a neck (could be an animal's neck or human neck).

Post the links to your items in the comments...and tune in tomorrow for the "Friday's Favorites!


  1. What a coincidence...I have just listed the Twin FLowers Neckwear

  2. Stuff for your neck??? I have plenty of necklaces, but right now, this one is my fav; chunky and sweet at the same time

  3. i just listed this skull and key necklace. it's just in time for halloween!

    p.s. nice blog!!

  4. good morning..

    this is one of my favorite.

    thank you

  5. I have plenty of hand knit wire and bead necklace. each one is one of a kind and therefore unique

  6. I have plenty of hand knit wire and bead necklaces at

  7. Here's one of mine


  8. Adding to all the necklaces:

    If you know of any wool-free neck cozies I am looking to buy one of those....


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