Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tying up loose ends...

I realized that with all of the favorites and book reviews, I've probably left a few things dangling.

Women in Magic

The "Women in Magic" thing was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. They seemed to pick up the tricks I taught rather quickly...and even the moderators were asking a couple of good questions too. If I hadn't been so tired on my day off, I would have stayed for the whole thing.


Thursday the boyfriend and I took a looooooooong motorcycle ride up to Utah. We stopped at my favorite breakfast place (Cracker Barrel...if you live in Nevada, you have to drive out of state to get to one) and then on to Zion National Park. It was so beautiful and romantic, but on the way back, my butt was in agony. When we got home I couldn't even sit down on the couch...Note to self: 14 hours on and off the bike might be just a tad too long.


I've finished with a scarflet, but haven't had the time to list it yet...still...I'm shooting for tomorrow. I'm almost finished with a set of fingerless gloves too.


I haven't held a sale or special deal in a today, get a $5 rebate via paypal when you buy this Pink and Grey Bolero Jacket. Just type in "$5 rebate" in the buyers comments and you'll get the jacket plus five dollars! You can click on the picture for a better description.

Not right for you? Then tell your friends!


  1. Yum, love Cracker Barrel! Uh, 14 hours is a long time to sit on a motorcycle, but sounds like it was fun anyways!


  2. 14 hours on & off a bike, poor butt ! I bet it was worth it,sounds like it was.Nothing beats a romantic interlude.

  3. your pink and grey bolero is lovely!

  4. I love that jacket!

  5. I told hubby I would like a trike for christmas and not the kiddie kind either. Unfortunately Insurance on motorcycles is insane here! That must have been an awesome day, even if you had a sore butt.


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