Monday, December 7, 2009

Book Review --Lost in a good book--

I've just finished reading the second book of a series in the Thursday Next Novels. This one is Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde. The first one was "The Eyre Affair".

I am so in love with Jasper Fforde. His writing is so witty, and the situations his characters get placed in is so comical. Though it helps to have read the first book, it's not entirely neccesary to enjoy the second. The more classics you've read or have at least heard of, the funnier the book is. In this one, Thursday (a name, not a day) interacts with people from "Great Expectations" and "The Trial" just to name a few.

He writes books for people who like to read books, and if that is you, I highly recomend it.


In an alternate 1980s England, woolly mammoths migrate through the countryside, Tunbridge Wells has been given to Imperial Russia as Crimean War reparation, and the prevailing culture is based on literature. Due to her adventures in The Eyre Affair (Viking, 2002), newly married Thursday Next has become a media darling, but when an unknown work by Shakespeare surfaces, she is happy to be back to work. However, the megacorporation Goliath hasn't finished bedeviling her: Thursday's husband has been "time-slipped" and exists only in her memory. Further complicating matters, her Uncle Mycroft gives her an entroposcope-a jar of lentils and rice-revealing that the chaos in her life is rapidly escalating. So once again, Thursday jumps into a surreal literary world. This time, she has joined the "Jurisfiction" division and is paired with Charles Dickens's Miss Havesham, who has a penchant for leather jackets and driving recklessly. Absurd and amusing scenes take readers through discussions on theoretical physics, geometry, literature, art, and philosophy. Fforde not only tilts at ideological and insipid corporate windmills and human foibles, but can also make the naming of minor characters hilarious, as in the two unfortunate members of the dangerous SO-5 division, Phodder and Kannon. Reading this novel is like being at a fabulous party of phenomenally funny and wickedly profound guests. Teens will delight in the satire and wit.

In other news

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