Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Boxing Day

I am so exhausted! After working late on Christmas Eve, and then working on Christmas Day, and then a party afterward, all I want to do is sleep. It is not to be. Today will be the last day of our Christmas Shows at the Venetian, tomorrow is back to the regular ones (do I even remember them?), and no sleep until Monday.

I'm halfway finished with a custom order Bag Lady, since the one in my shop sold, and someone else wants one. I'm hoping to get it mostly done today, because I still have a Christmas present to make...I know, "procrastination, party of one".

The house is also a disaster area...if I can just get the kitchen in some sort of working order before work, I'll be happy....I have to make room for my brand new George Foreman Grill!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, sounds like you've been busy!
    Hope you get a minute for some r&r!


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