Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Performer vs. Agent

Usually, as a magician, I'm on the performing end of things, never the booking end of things.

Well, on Sunday, I got a call from an agent in LA who forgot to book a gig in Vegas for THE NEXT DAY! She said the gig was mine if I wanted it and gave me the client's info and everything.

It was kind of stressful, getting the entertainment that the client wanted for the price that she wanted. And knowing a lot of performers, I had to balance who was best and who was most trustworthy. She changed her mind quite a bit, and gig that was originally going to have 4 performers, ended up getting cut to two and she ended up going with some impersonators.

The Elvis she went with was definitely not as good as the one I had tried to book, but you could tell he was definitely cheaper... The Shenaya Twain (is that how you spell it?), was wonderful, though and I'll have to remember her if I ever have to book another party.

There were so many phone conversations back and forth...I think it's the most I've ever used my phone as an actual phone.

And though it was fun playing agent, I think I like just being a performer and having no resposibility other than myself.

In other news:

Just because Cyber Monday had come and gone, doesn't mean the shopping is over!

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