Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Shows

I must say that this year I'm just loving the Christmas Shows we're doing at the Venetian. I don't have to do the living marionette act for an entire month...instead, I do a magic pre-show, and in some of the shows I get to do a magical interlude between numbers.

Usually, I'm changing costumes back and forth, all day, from marionette, to magic and back again...Now I have longer breaks since I don't have to change, which means more time for knitting!

I'm almost finished with a custom order set (hat, mittens and scarf), and next I'm starting on a Christmas present for the boyfriends sister which he asked me to make. I really like her, and she's a cool girl, so it is no trouble at all.

In other news:

Tonight is the night when all the boats in the marina, parade around and show off their Christmas decorations. We're heading down tonight after work. It's going to be a cold one though.

Even though people don't think of the desert as cold, right now the thermometer outside my window says 41 degrees. It should be a bit colder tonight. My friend in Maine said it was 56 degrees yesterday...imagine that...Las Vegas is colder than Maine!

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