Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Eve

It's coming up pretty fast, and the boyfriend and I don't have plans yet, which I'm actually cool with.

As an entertainer, most of us really want that New Year's gig, because it's always big money when you get one. As for me, if I get one, great! If not, then I don't have to battle the Las Vegas Strip. They close off the entire strip every year, which divides East and West Las Vegas, and it never fails that if I do get a gig, it's always on the other side of where I need to be afterward.

So our plans are, in my mind anyway, that we'll relax on the couch with champagne (the boyfriend doesn't like champagne, but I love it, and he can always drink something else), with the doggie wedged in between us.

In other news:

A friend of mine just posted this picture on Facebook. I must have been about 18 at the time, and we were all dancers in the opera: "La Traviatta". I'm the one on the left.

La Traviatta as one of the dancers

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  1. I love your blog's name! Your blog is very creative and funny. Thanks for sharing the funny Sunday Funny videos!
    Best wishes~Kerry



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