Monday, December 21, 2009

An Early Christmas Surprise!

Before we get to the surprise, today is Monday the 21st, and if you still have some last minute shopping, it's not too late. If you live in the US and need something in my shop right away, not to worry. For $15 extra, I will overnight it to you! Just send me a convo and I'll change the listing for you. I'm off all day, so as long as I receive the order before 3pm West Coast Time, I'll be able to get to the post office and get it out to you today.

Now onto the Surprise

On Saturday, I was leaving for work when I noticed I had a flat tire. Now I know how to change a tire, but I'm slow and I didn't want to be late for work. So I called the boyfriend to help me change it.

I got all of the stuff out of the car and he informed me that unfortunately my spare was flat too. Funny, when I pulled it out of the car it didn't seem flat...well, gallant knight that he is, he offered to drive me to work in his car and take care of it for sweet.

When he came to pick me up, he was in my car...only better! It was like being on "Pimp my Ride" or on "Overhaulin'". I had been begging him to airbrush my car...just a make it more than just a boring Toyota Echo. He put a small Betty Boop Decal on the hood, added some small pink flames and a pink pin stripe, got me Betty Boop seat covers, Betty Boop floor mats, and little LED's in the storage compartments....Plus 4 new tires (which were desperately needed) and new hub caps!

Turns out, I never had a flat tire. He let the air out of one of them in order to steal my car for the day. I, in fact, was making it difficult by actually trying to change the tire...yeah, the spare was never flat either. He thought upon discovering the flat I would just ask him for a ride...

What an awesome Christmas present.

Sorry, I haven't taken any pictures of it yet...I'll try to get that done soon.


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