Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday Sale!

First off, my boyfriend fixed my computer, so now it types again...what a relief not to have to buy a new one.

Now onto the sale!!!!

15% off everything in the store!

Simply make a purchase and you will receive a 15% rebate via paypal! Plus, as always, free shipping anywhere in the US and Canada!

How great is that? Simply type "15PERCENT" in the note to seller to get your rebate.

There's much more than this, but here's a little taste to get you started:


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  2. I love the doggie sweaters! if only Ih ada pup who would wear them!!!

  3. Fantastic work! That rainbow scarf is really cool!

  4. Your scarfs are BEAUTIFUL! I wish I got to wear that kind of stuff here in Florida... too hot for such lovely things :)


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