Monday, November 16, 2009

Making Performers Laugh

In addition to the magic at the Venetian, I'm also a part of the opera shows as, not singing usually unless they are desparate. Every once in a while an opportunity comes along where you can try to "break" a performer (ie, make them laugh), well, I had one such opportunity yesterday.

First the backstory

One of the singers, who has a doctorate in voice, was teaching a student who refused to learn her scales and kept insisting that the scales were ruining her voice. The singer told her that her pitch would always be bad until she learned them.

Well, needless to say, she found out the student had gone through many different voice teachers who told her pretty much the same thing, and still the student didn't believe it.

Now back to the show

In one of the shows, I pretend to sing (ok, I screach badly and out of tune, but I do it on purpose until the real singers make me stop). Usually I make a comment about how the audience really likes my singing and I get them to clap (most of the time, they play along).

Yesterday, instead, I said, "What's the problem? I practiced my scales and everything!"

Well, she lost it, and it took her a couple of seconds before she could do her solo.

It's very difficult to make a performer laugh on stage...we're trained not to...but every once in a while...score!

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