Thursday, November 19, 2009

Purple: The fun submissions

Purple and Pink House Socks! Fun for a cold winter morning.
I realized today that I have very little purple in my shop, which is suprising because I love the color, both shades of eggplant all the way to soft lilacs. Plus, it's probably the most fun color to say.

I do have these socks, but I'm definitely going to have to go out and find some pretty purpleness and make a few things.

In honor of this, tomorrow's "Friday's Favorite" theme is going to guessed it...PURPLE!

If you have anything in your shop that's purple, post the link to your item in the comments, and be sure to check back tomorrow for the "Friday's Favorites"!

Last week there was one sale! Congratulations shufflestudio!


  1. I like purple just fine...don't know why I don't have any in my shop...I have other colors though...enjoyed your blog immensely

  2. Thanks for doing this!

    I have several items w/ purple. Hopefully you'll like one!

    purple/green bead bracelet

    purple/green hemp bracelet

  3. Purple is my sister in law's favorite color... so when I see or make purple items... I always am reminded of her.


  4. I seem to have quite a lot of purple at SpinningStreak!
    How about some fingerless gloves:
    Or maybe some baby slippers:
    There is handspun yarn too!

  5. I have a few purple items....

    long skinny scarf

    iPhone wristlet

    floral neckwear

    May of Ohmay

  6. Oooo... Sure! This is my fav of my purple items:

    Did you know purple means "royalty"? I love that color :)


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