Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Book Review: Maggie Now

I finished reading Maggie Now by Betty Smith. She is such an amazing writer, but if you haven't read anything by her, I would suggest "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" which is by far her best book.

Smith really gets into the characters, but not just that, her descriptions are beautiful, and you can really see not only what the people are like, but their neighborhood, there houses, and the places they go. There are a few sad moments in this book, but none made me cry like "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" did.

Judging this book on its own, I would say it was a good book, however judging it next to the others she wrote, it was a little disappointing.


A story about many generations, both Irish, and Irish-American. Pat was born in Ireland, but was too stubborn to marry the girl he loved, so he came to America to escape his reputation.

This book takes us through his trials and tribulations, mainly through the eyes of his daughter, Maggie Now.


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