Saturday, November 14, 2009

Book Review: Sons of Fortune

Alright, this is it...definitely my last Jeffery Archer book. I just finished reading Sons of Fortune, and it is the most far fetched and predictable book that I have ever read by him. His normally good characterization is thwarted by the fact that he's writing about twins that are very much the same. I kept getting the men confused as well as their best friends. It is so disappointing because Archer has written so many books that I have just loved.

On a side note, I read on the amazon site from one of the reviewers that he was writing the book while incarcerated for perjury. I don't know the back story on that, but the reviewer likens the poor quality of the book to that...hmmmm.

I'm almost finished with another book, and have started reading "Little Women" hopefully there'll be some good reviews in the near future.


In Hartford, Connecticut, during the early 1950s, twin boys are separated at birth. Fletcher and Nat attend competing colleges, fall for the same girl, and have best friends who are the sons of movers and shakers. In the 1960s, Nat is drafted and becomes a hero in Vietnam, while Fletcher goes into law. By the 1990s, Nat's an affluent banker, and Fletcher's a politico on the rise; then, inevitably, their paths come together.


  1. This reminds me that I never wrote any of the book reviews I intended to write over the summer... :P oh well!

  2. I think sometimes authors run out of ideas that are new and fresh!

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