Saturday, November 21, 2009

Amazing Johnathan

First of all, Friday's Favorites went well yesterday. There was one sale so far. Congratulations AcrylicAndSteel!

Now onto AJ
Amazing Johnathan and Psychic Tonya

For the past week I've been filling in at the Amazing Johnathan show while one of his assistants is in Turkey...I know, most people have turkey for thanksgiving, they don't neccessarily go

I'm not working as his main assistang, "Psychic Tonya", but more doing backstage stuff, although I do appear twice for a couple of seconds.

At first it was really hard. I hadn't done the show in over a year, and there are things that happen in the show where timing is everything. Even though you don't see me on stage, there are times when I'm running around like a madwoman behind the scenes.

Yesterday was the first day that I finally felt comfortable. I have 2 more weeks of this before she gets I'm still doing the shows at the Venetian...whew.

...and in addition to the double duty, my Mom's coming in on Monday. I have a couple days off then, so I'll have time to show her and her husband around the town.


  1. Yay for you. I'm sure your doing wonderful as a stand in for your friend.

  2. Oh wow, how neat! I love him! How did you find yourself in this position?

  3. I love him, he's so funny! It sounds like so much fun to be working there!


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