Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday's Favorites Turkey Style

Yes, it's fast approaching. For some that means stress about planning the dinner, making stuff ahead of time, cleaning the house and more...for me, not so much. I have way too many friends that are doing a dinner and many invites (since my family doesn't live in town, I don't have to worry about them...and since it's a busy time of year, I rarely am able to go anywhere) if I were to do a dinner, there'd be no one left to come...and I don't really think the dog, the boyfriend and I can eat a whole turkey.

Well, enough of that...onto the Friday's Favorites! I really wish I was into beading because I'm in love with the turkey beads...maybe one of you out there in cyberspace will like them?

Remember hearting is good, but if you really like something, go ahead and buy it before someone else does.


  1. Nice choice on those items! Thanksgiving is the best because if you've got Canadian and American friends you get to celebrate it twice!


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