Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Book Review -Swimsuit-

I finished reading Swimsuit by James Patterson the other day. The only reason I picked it up, was that a friend had said how amazing it was, and she was under the impression that it was a true story.

It's told as if it were true, but it is definitely fiction. I had thought, well if John Grisham could make the leap to non-fiction, why not James Patterson? Though I will admit, it is an interesting way to tell a story...especially if you can get readers to believe that it really happened.

As far as the book goes, if you are a James Patterson fan, you will love it. It has all the twists, suprises and gore that he is known for. If you haven't liked his previous books, then I would read something else.

It was a lot of fun, and definitely a page turner, but the ending was one of his weakest yet.


Ben Hawkins, a former L.A. cop turned reporter and author, travels to Hawaii to look into the disappearance of model Kim McDaniels, who has fallen victim to a sadistic fiend who calls himself Henri Benoit. Ben meets with Kim's distraught parents, but the investigation soon runs into dead ends, even as the body count rises. Back in Los Angeles, Henri gets in touch with Ben, and offers the story of his life and the reasons he continues with his murderous spree. As part of the deal, Henri asks the reporter to write his tell-all book. Ben can't refuse given the killer's threat to his life as well as his girlfriend's. In just one of many clever twists, Henri proves to be the consummate storyteller.


  1. I love James Patterson's books, and I have not seen this one yet.
    Thanks for posting, I am going to have to go to the library today!

  2. I'll have to pick this one up for my Kindle. Thanks for the review.

  3. Thanks for the book review! Never read anything by him.

  4. I wish I could call myself a reader... I love books, but not so much reading them. I'm into reading blogs :) I admire that you can actually finish a book.. I have 3 attempts happening right now for me. Wish I could finish at least 1 of my 3 :)


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