Sunday, November 15, 2009

Penguins and Socks...huh?

Well, first the penguins...that's right, it's time for the Sunday Funday Video of the Week!

This one made me giggle, and I hope it will make you giggle too:

...And now for the socks
These purple and pink house socks could be yours...only a click away.
I finally finished this pair of socks. It took me a while because I thought I had more yarn than I did, and I had to order some more. You can click on the picture for a better view.

Now I have 4 pairs in my shop, which is fine for the moment until one of them sells. I'm fresh out of berets right now, so I guess that's going to be the next project on the list.


  1. Video is very funny and the socks are very nice!

  2. FANTASTIC! Wish I could make socks....

  3. Video made me smile! Those socks look really warm!

  4. Cute penguins! Make me smile :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh my! My sons will get a "kick" out of the video! LOL


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