Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birthday Presents and Beanies!

Yesterday while the boyfriend was at work, I finished, photoed and posted my newest Aqua Beanie. It's made with super soft yarn aqua yarn and has a contrasting dark blue at the very top which I think makes it look more interesting.

I need to start on another beanie for my friend who's moving away to cold weather, and I need to get some new needles to make my next etsy project.

In Birthday Present News:

Well, first of all I had the most wonderful birthday, playing pinball and stuffing myself with really good food. I'm still full! I was truely suprised that I was able to walk back to the car and my boyfriend didn't have to roll me there.

When I got home, I opened my present from mom. She got me a Kindle! I linked it just in case you didn't know what it was...I had to explain it to my boyfriend.

I haven't bought any books for it yet, but I'm thinking of putting my next book club book on there. It's going to be super easy to read and knit at the same time now, no book clip and pages turn at the touch of a button.

Don't worry, though, nothing will replace real books for me, and I have an entire shelf full of real pages to read.


  1. I love the beanie. I wish I didn't look like a nerd in hats. I see so many cute ones.

  2. That's a beautiful colour. i love making beanies

  3. Happy belated birthday!Glad you got a kindle. Always wanted to try one of those. But I don't think for me it will work as am so used to the printed version.

  4. My husband has a kindle and he loves it. Don't forget that you can get newspaper on it too. I love reading the newspaper on the kindle.

  5. It is extremely hot over here, but it looks lovely! ;-)

  6. Nice beanie! Love the color too.


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