Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday's Favorites!

Before we get to the favorites...yesterday, the boyfriend and I rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned all the carpets in the house. We also cleaned the kitty condo too! This is all in preparation for the arrival of a new kitty. I haven't picked one out yet, but I'm hoping that we'll take a look next week on one of our days off. I of course will always miss Betty, but the house just isn't the same without a cat in it.

Now onto the favorites!

This week's theme was back to school and I tried to put a little bit of everything in this collection. There's everything from magnets and dry erase boards for the locker, to bags either for books or for ipods to of course some outerwear to keep the little ones warm when the temperature drops.

Give these amazing sellers a look-see and maybe you'll find something for your school child...or who knows, something for yourself!


  1. Fun stuff!
    That new kitten will surely keep you busy!

  2. I love the look of the soap pack. The colors are so fun, and I bet they smell great. Good luck with your new kitty!

  3. Sorry about missing Miss Kitty, I miss my kitty too. I am sure you will give the new kitty a fun loving new home! Great back to school finds!

  4. Oooh, cleaning carpets can be so tedious, but that's exciting about the new catlet coming along!

    Great finds - especially those handpainted boxes.

  5. Hi SleightGirl!

    Love the beanie! Sometimes it's hard to believe that I'm finally past the "how many days until school starts? Stage of life!

    I've still one at home, going to Community College. But the pressure is certainly off.

    i'm almost an empty nester!

  6. I need to clean the livingroom carpet this summer too.
    Love BurntMill soaps! (have some)

  7. aaaww, we have 3 kitties at our house.
    We have enough cats, so we have to give away two of them, but I'm keeping one. He's the only boy, and he's white with a gray nose, gray ear tips, a gray coon-tail, and gray feet with white toes.
    And I'm naming him Specter.


    Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog!!


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