Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Thief!

As much as I'd like to think that all the performers I work with are honest and wonderful people, my coins were stolen...again!

One of the magic effects I perform at the Venetian is a trick where I bring a child up on stage and procede to pull coins from their arms, ears, hair and everywhere. In the end, I get the child to produce his/her own coin, which turns out to be chocolate and they get to keep that one.

When I do this, I use regular half dollar coins. I keep them up in the dressing room when I'm not using them...well, during my four days off, they were taken.

I used to keep them in a bucket, until it happened the first time. Then I kept them in a locked box which sometimes I remember and sometimes I forget to lock. As time has passed I've gotten more and more lax with them, and someone went into the box and stole the coins.

It was only about 6 dollars...I would happily give someone 6 dollars if they needed it, but getting more coins is a pain in the butt. Since the slot machines in the casino don't take coins anymore, not all of the cashiers cages have I have to go from cage to cage to find out which one has any there.

I couldn't even begin to tell you who might have done it. Everyone I work with has always seemed wonderful...and due to cut backs, we no longer have a cleaning crew come in, so it has to be one of the performers who knows where I keep my coins and had to actually go into the box to take them.



  1. that is so frustrating :( sorry that someone had to be so nasty

  2. *sigh* doesn't it get under your skin when a co-worker steals from you? It makes me look at everyone differently.

  3. Well, that just stinks! People never cease to amaze me!! Your right - it is not the amount, it is the principal!

    Have a great weekend! :O)

  4. That really stinks! Maybe the thief will fess-up soon!

  5. Good Grief!! Some people just can't keep their hands to themselves. You'll have to be sure to lock everything!


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