Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sailing and Submissions!

Today the boyfriend and I are going sailing on his boat. We haven't been in ages. Either the weather was good and we were busy, or we were free and the weather had other plans. There are only going to be light winds, so I don't know how much actual sailing we're going to do, but there will definitely be some barbecuing, some floating on the floaty chairs, and maybe some snorkeling (we can't go scuba diving just yet...still 3 more classes to go).


Every Friday I like to showcase items made by other sellers on etsy...Usually from a particular category. This week's theme is $20. Post the links to your items that cost $20 and tune in tomorrow for "Friday's Favorites"! Maybe you'll be featured or maybe you'll see something there that you can't live without.


  1. I want to go sailing!

    and in honor of your $20 theme... here is a $20 item

  2. Hope you have a great day no matter what you guys do!

    Here is my $20 gift bag set! It is for a baby shower- Many of my items are under $20! Thank you for the consideration!

  3. Hah, that cat is hilarious! I think I need an eye patch for mine.


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