Monday, August 3, 2009

Treasuries, Magic, and Days off...oh my!

Yesterday morning I was able to snag a treasury. It had been so long since I'd made one. I had it ready to go in Etsy's Poster Sketch, but it took a couple of days until I was actually on the computer when a treasury was coming up.

Please take a look, and give a comment and maybe a couple of clicks. It's already on page two of the hot list and it would be so awesome if it made it to page one.

Click here and take a look at my treasury!

In magic news:

I was supposed to perform at the Venetian today, but I got a call for a last minute gig. So I called my friend to take my shows at the Venetian and now instead of working 8 hours doing 6 shows, I'll be going to Red Rock Casino and performing for only two hours....and I got to sleep in. What a great day before my birthday present.

Aaaahhhh...a day of relaxing, and knitting, and maybe a little laundry...then doing some magic, how great!

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