Saturday, August 29, 2009

My good friend Joan Rivers...

...well, not actually a friend, but I did get to meet her yesterday...

...well, I didn't meet her meet her, but I did see her yesterday but I was in costume performing which is not really conducive to meeting people, but I gave her grandson a high five and I blew her a kiss and she waved back.

She was actually going into the restaurant near the stage to go and eat, but kept turning around and watching the show, which I thought was pretty cool. And she clapped after each number, which I also thought was cool.

One of the gondoliers said he had her and Melissa in his boat once, and she couldn't have been nicer. At the end of the ride, she even gave him free tickets to her show (she's performing at the Venetian right now).

I love it when famous people turn out to be really nice. You read so many bad things about people in the tabloids (or at least read the headlines about them while you're standing in line at the grocery store), that when they turn out to be really cool it makes you happy.

Robin Leech comes in all the time...he is not so nice...he snaps his fingers at us when he wants to get a photo as if we were dogs...ugh!


  1. it's nice to know that celebrities can remember that they are just normal people too (with big wallets) LOL

    I hate when celebrities show off or act like they were ALWAYS big!

  2. Great that she is so nice! The media seems to always portray her as the opposite.

  3. Kudos to Joan Rivers for being honest about the effects of hysterectomy! In the new book about hysterectomy, THE H WORD, Chapter 48 is titled "Joan Rivers"Liars: hysterectomy didn't improve sex life." You can read about why hysterectomy ruins sex at

  4. You're a sweetie for sharing this with us...I'm living the glamorous life vicariously through you you know....

  5. That's so cool! It is nice when people don't let their fame go to their head. I did watch The apprentice with Joan on it, didn't care for her too much, but that's TV, and a competition.

  6. Joan Rivers is just fab.
    I like it when she does the Oscars and makes sarcastic comments about the evening gowns.


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