Thursday, August 13, 2009

Need Submissions...and other stuff

We were thinking about going sailing today, but the boyfriend is worried that there might be too much wind. Though the weather's clear, there are lots of thunderstorms around us and the reports are varied. My hope now is that we don't go sailing but go to the hardware store and rent a carpet cleaner.

Now I know that doesn't sound quite as exciting as being out on the lake, but the boyfriend said that we couldn't get a new cat until we cleaned up all traces of the old one...and I think I'm starting to get ready to get one...we shall see.


Even though it's only the beginning of August, the school year is fast approaching, so for "Friday's Favorites" I would like to feature "Back to School" items. Post the link to anything in your shop that you think is a must have for back to school.
Want to know more about this beanie? Click here!

Here's mine: an Aqua Beanie! I figure for school it's good to keep that brain warm so it can do all that important learning that kids are supposed to be doing in school. How can you memorize all the state capitals if your head is cold? might come up with an answer like, "The capital of Wyoming is W"

Go ahead, post your items and check back tomorrow for the Friday Favorites!


  1. these are great for back to school:
    great for lockers or displaying the latest assignment on the fridge.

  2. This bag would be fun for a teen or college student going back to school.

  3. maybe a great big pack of soap for the college students? Stock up for the semester :)

  4. here is my collection of fall/winter scarves, the perfect accessory for back to school!

  5. How about a bag tag? It can be hung on a backpack to distinguish your child's from the rest - and show off their personality!!

    And they aren't just for girls!

  6. Let's see, for back to school you'd need plenty of notebooks:

    and pencils:

    and of course something to carry them in:

  7. Hi ~
    nice blog!
    here is a cute hat and on sale lariat for back to school:



  8. Everybody needs bookmarks!


  9. great hand knits the sweaters and scarves on your etsy store.


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