Thursday, August 20, 2009

S is for Scuba and Submissions!

First things first...Today the boyfriend and I are going to our first scuba class. I'm so excited. Although, this class is only a classroom one and we're not getting into the water just yet, soon we will be. The boyfriends sister sent me all her old scuba gear so I'm set...and it's pretty too (pink and purple...I'm such a girl).

These lessons were a birthday present from the boyfriend, and since my birthday was on the fourth and we're just starting the lessons now, it feels more like my birthday month than just a day.


Since fall is fast approaching, and since it's so hot here I'd like to think of a cooler time of year to get me through it, this week I'm looking for colors of autumn. Anything you have in your shop that has a fall pallet, post the links here...and remember to come back tomorrow to see the "Friday's Favorites collection.

This Bolero jacket in red and cream is my me your's!


  1. Have fun at the scuba lessons! Sounds neat!

  2. Awesome, is this the open water certification? Keep us updated, the boyfriend and I are planning to do it next summer!

  3. I love that bolero! So pretty!


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