Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eyelashes make Friends...

When I'm performing magic at the Venetian, I wear false eyelashes. It's required of all the girls to do so...The guys get off so easy don't they? Well, after wearing them so long, I forget they're on and many times I have a quick errand I need to do on the way home like go to the drug store or the grocery store, or anyplace that's still open after 7 o'clock.

In most places, if you see someone wearing heavy eyelashes, there's a lot of preconceived notions about them...most of them not good, but here in Vegas, people see the lashes and know you're in a show. Just based on my eyelashes, the checkout people, or whoever I run into for any length of time, want to know where I work and what I do. And a conversation usually ensues...

Based on eyelashes alone I've gotten great service and met some interesting people. Who knew that this much ignored make-up accessory could do so much?


  1. Very interesting. I grew up as a ballerina and had to wear false eyelashes and crazy eye makeup when I performed...so I totally understand how that goes :)

  2. I have never been very adept at putting them on and have admired those that could do it well.

  3. Are you always at the Venetian? I really need to get to Vegas. We would love to do it during the Christmas Holidays, but don't really want to stay in the city. Any Where close that's affordable?

  4. Think I need to put on some eyelashes and go for a wander to the shops!

  5. gyahaha interesting. ive never tried putting them cuz they hurt. right?

  6. I must agree. I've worn them for fun and for various costumes over the years and although they're a huge pain to get on, they look fabulous and always get attention. I wish I COULD wear them everyday!



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