Sunday, August 16, 2009

Book Review

I just finished reading The Eleventh Commandment by Jeffrey Archer. I think I'm on some sort of Jeffrey Archer kick right now. I love how he writes his characters, after a while I really feel like I know them as people. And though I don't think his books are going to set the literary world on end, they are so much fun to read and become immersed in.

Although I did really enjoy this one, it didn't suck me in quite as quickly as "Prisoner of Birth", but I was still riveted, nonetheless. Spy novels can either be really exciting or really dull...this one definitely did not bore.


The opening chapters feature unrelenting action as Connor tracks and kills a Colombian presidential candidate and starts a chain of events that could lead to a new Cold War. But, despite his ruthless background, Connor is not a cold and hollow plot device. He's an American Medal of Honor winner who is committed to his country, but also to his spiritual home, Ireland. Archer even pauses briefly to flesh out Connor's family life and the tensions of living with secrets that his wife and beloved daughter suspect but will never know. This character work pays off as the reader follows Connor through several nations and nearly as many identities. Gradually, Connor is caught in Russia between two power brokers: CIA director Helen Dexter and President Tom Lawrence. Dexter needs her 28-year veteran agent dead or "disappeared" in a Russian prison. But President Lawrence also needs Connor so he can finally rid himself of Dexter's tacit control of U.S. foreign policy.

In the end, Connor must rely on old friends and native intelligence if he is to make it to his retirement alive. Fans of political intrigue, James Bond, and Tom Clancy will be drawn inexorably along for the ride.


  1. This looks like the kind of book my husband would read. I'm going to forward the link to him.

  2. Hi Alicia, thanks for your review, I have to add it to my list of reads. I just finished reading Water for the Elephants, what a book, I was so sorry as I drew to the end of the book, wanting to take my time so it would not be over, but anxious to see how it ends, which was lovely. Great book, I wrote about it in my blog and am so happy to see you blog about your reads as well!

  3. sounds really good! I'm going to put him on my reading list. I just posted a book review as well. The Help by Kathryn Stockett! Fantastic read. Thanks for posting this.


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