Monday, August 10, 2009

Etsy Purchase!

I've been working on a new magic trick, on and off, for a while now. One of the things I needed for it was a fan...I was hoping to get a black one so it would match my costume and help the magic stand out against it...well, I found the perfect one on etsy! I bought this Vintage Oriental Wood and Fabric Fan. I'm so excited and can't wait until it gets here!

Unfortunately, when it gets here, then I'll be out of excuses not to start rehearsing the magic trick.

I really should join procrastinator's annonymous...maybe later.

In other news:

Today is my Friday!

It does give me a cheap sort of thrill, when all the suits are stumbling into work, grumbling about it being Monday, and I know that my week is over. Depending on who's in the elevator with me, sometimes I gloat...

They get me back in the end though...When it's my Monday, it's their Friday.


  1. Happy "weekend" to you!
    The fan will be great as part of your show!

  2. The fan is awesome! Good luck with
    the magic!

  3. That fan is so pretty. What a find!

  4. ooh, I love the fan! It's beautiful!!


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