Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here's what's going on...

Well, the guy that I've been subbing for at work was supposed to be back and healed yesterday, but he was there for half a day, promptly twisted his ankle and had to go home. He's off to the doctor again today at 8 and they have me waiting by the phone to see if I'm going to work or he is.

Normally I would have just said I'm busy, but with gigs being as slow as they are...work is work.

In Knitting News:

I've been working on a cardigan that laces up the front like a corset. It's been slow going since it's using a very fine yarn. I've finished the front, and the back and half a sleeve...I'm hoping to have it done and listed by the end of the week. I'm really hoping that it turns out the way I think it will....we shall see...

In other news:

There might not be a blog post tomorrow...I have to go to a funeral early in the morning and then it's off to the Venetian to do statue. If I get up in time, I'll definitely write a little something.

The funeral is for my good friend's wife who past away last week. Her husband and two sons work with me at the Venetian. I didn't know her very well, but she seemed like a really great person, and I'm going because her husband really needs as much support as he can get. I've never seen someone love another person as much as he loved her.

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  1. The jumper you're making sounds great...really unusual...
    ps So sad about your friends wife...I'm sure he'll appreciate the support.


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