Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Portland, Oregon

Today I'm writing from Portland, Oregon. I'm here visiting my mom for the week, and I am totally enjoying the weather. Everyone keeps apologizing for all the clouds and the lack of sunshine, but they forget that I live in the middle of the desert... for me, this weather is gorgeous! I hardly ever get to see clouds, it's such a treat.

At some point this week, mom is taking me to Powells which is the largest independently owned book store. It takes up a city block and is five stories tall, and sells both new and used books. I packed half of my suitcase with old books so that I could both sell them for store credit, and insure that I would have room on the way back for all of my purchases.

There is also the best hamburger shop that I have ever been to, just down the street from my mom's house...dangerously close in fact... It's called Giant Burger, and I will definitely be having some of that at some point during my stay.

In Shop News:

I haven't put my shop on vacation mode, as for this short trip, I can run everything from up here. My patterns are stored online, so I can send them to anyone from anywhere. My boyfriend can pack and ship anything else I send, and knowing how meticulous he is about all things postal, he'll probably do a better job than me.

PS: Found an adorable picture for this post, but blogger won't let me add images at the moment.

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