Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not the whole story...

One of the problems with living in a country where you are still learning the language is that at times you don't always get the whole story. We were expecting a very large group of Chinese people, so they asked me to stay late since everyone's sets would be shorter because none of us spoke Chinese. They were set to arrive at 9:30, but they were late.

I heard the manager say that they were going to be one to two hours late, and that he was very sorry. So I got ready to hunker down with my book as it seemed like it was going to be awhile. Well, the lighting guy asked me why I wasn't eating my dinner since I was finished...

The whole story was that since they were going to be late they only needed one magician. Poor Taka had to stay... I understand more each day, but sometimes the key points escape me.

In other news:

Also had a curtain snafu with the aforementioned Taka. He was the lucky soul who was supposed to open the curtain, but he got in a conversation and missed it (he's only 19). Well, since it's not a union house, I just opened it myself figuring I'd come one a bit late but no harm no foul.

Taka runs up in mid-curtain-open and says, "Sorry, I've got it" (that time I did understand the whole thing BTW)

Unfortunately, he grabs the wrong line and closes the curtain just as I reach center stage. You can't actually see the stage from the curtain pull thingy, so he had no idea. I then had to go off stage to re-open the curtain, but the manager got there first and opened it for me.

Meanwhile, the music is playing and I missed about a quarter of the Billiard Ball Routine... I caught up, and finished the show...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Japan Pictures!

I just posted a bunch of pictures I've taken (well, not really a bunch but slightly more than a few) on Facebook. Rather than post and then reposting, I thought I'd just provide you guys the link for those of you that want to see them.

Click here for the Facebook Photo Album of Fukuoka, Japan!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Book Review: The Big Question

Since I've been here, I've finished 3 books and haven't posted any of the next couple posts will be about what I read.

The Big Question by Chuck Barris (yes, the one from the gong show) was just awesome. I love how he gives you such a background on each of the characters that you feel that you know them. Some you are rooting to win, some you are glad when they lose, and in the end...well, you'll have to read it to see.

I have already put a few of his books on my wishlist. Who knew he was so talented?


A retired game-show producer is accosted by a grubby old man, who offers to sell him an idea for a new show. In Barris' near-future world, assisted suicide is legal, and in the proposed new show, contestants either win $100 million or are executed on live television. The novel follows the lives of several potential contestants, including a teenage prostitute, an elderly woman, and an ex-con, but what makes the tale so fascinating--some might say warped--is that the grubby old man is none other than a down-and-out Barris himself. As usual, the author of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (1982) blurs the line between reality and fantasy, making us wonder just what the heck we're supposed to believe. And, while we're pretty sure Barris never produced a pilot for this particular game show, is it so hard to believe, what with the current state of reality TV, that someone might someday put something like this on the air? A darkly satirical, witty, and uncomfortably plausible novel.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Japan Update

Sorry I haven't had a chance to update since I got here. It's been pretty hectic.

It's funny, when I log in here, it is all in Japanese, and I have to switch my google over to English every time.

A lot has changed in Japan since I lived here 9 years ago. Plus, before I always lived in the country, at resort hotels that cater to the city folks on vacation. Now I'm in the big city, which takes some adjustments.

The shows have been going well. The Japanese love magic, which makes my job much easier.

I didn't have room in my bag for all the knitting I had planned to do here. Though I found some yarn and needles in the 100 yen store (similar to the dollar store in the states), it was very uninspiring. I'm sure there's a yarn shop somewhere in the city, but I haven't located it yet.

I'm also in desparate need of asperin. They don't sell it in convenience stores here like they do at home, and I haven't located a pharmacy yet. On my map there's one way across town, but nowhere near the subway and the bus system is very confusing. One of the other performers, who has a car, said she'll pick some up for me soon.

Hope everyone's crafting is going well!