Monday, May 17, 2010

Japan Update

Sorry I haven't had a chance to update since I got here. It's been pretty hectic.

It's funny, when I log in here, it is all in Japanese, and I have to switch my google over to English every time.

A lot has changed in Japan since I lived here 9 years ago. Plus, before I always lived in the country, at resort hotels that cater to the city folks on vacation. Now I'm in the big city, which takes some adjustments.

The shows have been going well. The Japanese love magic, which makes my job much easier.

I didn't have room in my bag for all the knitting I had planned to do here. Though I found some yarn and needles in the 100 yen store (similar to the dollar store in the states), it was very uninspiring. I'm sure there's a yarn shop somewhere in the city, but I haven't located it yet.

I'm also in desparate need of asperin. They don't sell it in convenience stores here like they do at home, and I haven't located a pharmacy yet. On my map there's one way across town, but nowhere near the subway and the bus system is very confusing. One of the other performers, who has a car, said she'll pick some up for me soon.

Hope everyone's crafting is going well!


  1. Glad you are having fun in Japan. Is it nice to be back there after all this time? I find going back to England really weird, as some things change and other things always seem the same.

    Glad they are loving your show
    :) T.

  2. My daughter is pestering me to get her to Japan. Hope you have a lovely time there!

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun. I'd love to go to japan. My husband was there a few years ago and I was so upset I couldn't join him.

  4. There are lots of drugstore around the city it opens from 9am-7pm. They don't sell medicine at the convenience store, you really have to go to drugstore and ask the pharmacist for a medicine.

    Hope you enjoy the nightlife in japan, as well as the scenery.

    good luck to your show.

    Where do you perform? I might catch one of your show?

  5. no need to apologise for not posting - we're a patient bunch (usually!). hope you get your meds soon and all the best with your shows!

  6. I'm so glad you're enjoying it and that you show is a hit! I hope you get some aspirin soon!


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