Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hanging by the Ceiling and Sunday Funday

Last night I had a gig where I had to sit in a swing hanging by the ceiling of a ballroom for 4 hours dressed as a scary clown. Hey, it's a living. I had a bag of candy with me to throw down to the kids.

First let me say that four hours in a swing is reeeeeeally uncomfortable. My butt hurt so bad and my legs were going numb by the end...though it still hurt less than the motorcycle trip I took to give you some perspective.

At first it was really boring as people don't look up, even when candy fell down and accidentally hit them on the shoulder...amazingly, they just kept walking. The music was loud, so even my, "HELLO!" was drowned out. After a while the kids noticed, and then it was like feeding fish in a pond. Throwing out candy and watching them all zoom toward it made me laugh...I was kind of like a human pinata...but without the stick and the beating.

I'm still a little sore today, but I'll live...and as an added bonus, I'm a little less scared of heights than I was at the beginning of the party!

Sunday Funday Video of the Week !

Do dogs dream? I guess this one was, not only dreaming of running, but actually sleep running...too cute!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Learning Something New!

Yesterday I finally mastered the tubular cast on! It is really going to bring my knits up to the next level by having a much cleaner stretchier hem. I had a hard time with it at first, but thank goodness for youtube and all the wonderful people who took the time to put videos up about it. I know I spent more than half my life without youtube, and I honestly don't know how I survived!
These socks can be yours at AllThingsTangled!

In treasury news:

My red and silver socks made it into a treasury! Click here to show it some love. It is really a beautiful collection... Yay!!!!

At some point, when I don't have to get up so early in the morning for rehearsals, I need to start making some treasuries again. They were so much fun to create!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday's Favorites: Orange you glad you came?

This week's Friday's Favorites is all about the Orange. It's such a great color, not just for Halloween, but for the entire fall season. It's also wonderful for warming up pale skin tones when you wear it and awesome for brightening your mood when you see it.

I tried to pick a variety of items so there would be something for everyone. Go ahead, gives these artists some hearts or maybe even a sale!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Submissions: Orange you glad you came?

This scarf is on sale at AllThingsTangled!
Another week has passed and we're ready for this weeks submissions for the Friday's Favorites. For those that don't know, every weeek I put together an etsy mini of some of my favorite items made by other sellers.

This week, in honor of Bess's treasury appearance, I'm looking for orange. If you have an item in your shop that's orange, post the link in the comments, then check back tomorrow for the Friday's Favorites!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Treasuries Love Bess

My Autumn Wool Dog Sweater modeled by my cute doggie Bess has appeared in yet another treasury. I think it's like the 7th since I re-opened my shop in September. I would have figured that it would have sold by now, but this hasn't really been the season for any of my doggie sweaters so far.

It's still early yet, and the holiday rush really hasn't begun... I'll just keep plugging away, and Bess will still work on her "modeling career".

Click here to see her latest treasury!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chicken Tiki Masala

Saturday night I tried a new recipe: Chicken Tiki Masala. I found it on the AllRecipes App on my phone. I just love ordering this at Indian restaurants, so I thought I'd try and make it for myself. It turned out pretty yummy.

There was another reason that I made it, my boyfriend thinks he hates Indian food, however I'm pretty sure he just hates the idea of it as I don't think he's ever eaten it before. So last week I made a simple version of Tandoori Chicken, and didn't tell him what it was...He loved it! This recipe had the same result. Next time we have money to go to a restaurant, I'll tell him how much he likes it and maybe we can go to India Palace...hee hee.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Funday Video: A Dog and Her Breakfast

When I first saw this video I thought it was just the cutest thing. What a great idea! I hope you all have a suitable awwww moment.

Only a few more days are left in the $5 off all Scarves sale!

Click here to get to AllThingsTangled!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mmmm Mmmm Good, and not so good...

Last night I made some yummy chicken and dumplings. The weather here isn't quite cool enough yet for it, but I couldn't wait. Everything always seems cooler when you finally get lower than the hundred degree mark.

Bess and Benny at the lake

My doggie, however is not so thrilled. I guess I wouldn't be either if I had to use the bathroom outside. Though she's six years old and potty trained, when it rains she reverts to trying to go in the house, so we have to keep a close eye on her. Luckily, here in the desert we don't get too much rain, so she's usually good.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday's Favorites: Stuff for your Neck

The neck is probably one of the most elegant parts of a woman's body, so it is important to show it off as well as keep it warm. Here are this week's Friday's Favorites! Last week we had one's never too early to start Christmas shopping!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Submissions! -Stuff for your Neck-

Friday's Favorites is fast approaching! In honor of my newest scarf, this week I'm looking for stuff for your neck. It can be scarves, jewelry, or anything that you have that goes on your neck. If you have an item like this in your shop, post the link in the comments and check back tomorrow for the Friday's Favorites!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crack of Dawn

I'm up early again for rehearsals. I can't wait till they are over, but at the same time I'll probably be up this early for a long time now since my boyfriend started his new job. Even when I don't have to be up, the alarm rings at 6, and once I wake up, I can't go back to sleep. I've never been much of a snooze person.

In Knitting Knews:

The cashmere sweater has been unraveled and the balls of yarn have been made. I'm going to make a hat and scarf set with it. I did a couple rows on the scarf. I'm doing it in entrelac, but I might have to take it apart since it isn't as wide as I would like. For some reason, last night in my head 8 X 4 equaled 24 instead of 32...what was I thinking? Third grade math, please don't fail me now!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Infinity Scarf is Here!

Infinity Scarf, just listed!
I finally finished an listed my Infinity Scarf!!! I made it with a nice chunky yarn that's very warm, plus, I love that the colors are red and green but not in-your-face red and green, so you can wear it all winter, not just for December.

Next I'm going to be working on a scarf hat set made from recycled cashmere! I love working with cashmere, but it's so expensive that I'd have to list it for a ridiculous price... By going recycled, I can make something beautiful and affordable. The unraveling begins today!

Monday, October 18, 2010

So Many Plans...

I was planning today to finish my cowl/infinity scarf, planning to unravel a sweater I bought for some recycled yarn, and planning to get some cleaning done. Well, at 8pm last night I was told I had rehearsal at 9 in the morning. Most of what I had planned is now completely out the window.

It's not that rehearsal goes on very long, or that there's a lot of physical exertion, but when I get home I just lose all drive to get anything done. I will try to get some of the things knocked off my to do list...sigh...

Oh well, time to get up an at 'em!

Remember, all scarves at AllThingsTangled are $5 off for the month of October...Time is running out.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Funday Video -- Aww Kitty

Yes! The Sunday Funday video of the week is back, and what could be funnier than when the most graceful animal (a cat) has a clumsy moment.

In Other News

I had a gig last night, but beforehand, I accidentally slammed my finger in a door. I'm kind of afraid to take off my nail polish right now as perhaps my fingernail is turning colors. Ironically it hurts more to do everyday tasks than it did to perform magic... I was worried how it was going to go, but I realized that even though I'm right handed, I do much of my magic with the left one.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Early Mornings

It's an early morning for me today, as I have to go in to do a rehearsal at the Venetian. Even though I don't technically work there anymore, I'm still on call, so I have to go in and learn the new shows in case someone gets sick or goes on vacation or something.

I do like early mornings, I just don't like to actually have to do anything early. Sitting around and watching the sunrise is great with a cup of coffee...but leaving the house to interact with people is another story.

One sale!

So far one item has sold from the Friday's Favorites! Congratulations FuzzyLumpkinCrochet!

If you haven't gotten to see the favorites, go an check them out...lots of pink for everyone.

Scarf sale!

Remember, for the month of October, all of my scarves are $5 off! Plus free shipping anywhere in the US and Canada! Time is running out!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday's Favorites -- All About the Pink!

The Friday's favorites are here and there were so many great ones to choose from. Here's is all the pink you can handle!

Keep in mind that the Cancer Awareness earings will have a portion of the procedes going to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Fund.

Show these items some love... or money... hee hee!

Next Thursday I'll be looking for more submissions, so be sure to check back.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Sweater and Bringing Back the Favorites

This pink and blue sweater can be yours at AllThingsTangled!
I finished and listed a new sweater at AllThingsTangled! It's knit in a super soft yarn that feels really good against the skin. I put the blue ribbing at the waist for a slimming effect, with the pink on the top for a nice contrast.

I'm also working on a cowl/infinity scarf. I love the look of these and I also love the versatility they offer. I thought it would look good in a nice, warm, chunky yarn. I'll post it when I'm should be today, but perhaps tomorrow.

Bringing back the Friday's Favorites!

In honor of my new sweater, the Friday's Favorites will be in the theme of pink. Tomorrow I'll be posting an etsy mini of some of my favorite pink items made by other sellers.

If you have a pink item in your store, post it in the comments, and check back tomorrow for the Friday's Favorites!

Friday, October 8, 2010

So much to catch up on...

Well, to start, I've added a new item. It's a Kindle Cover in illusion knitting. Lay it flat and the letters R E A D magic! I'm going to make some more if this one does well.

In Performing News

I had to turn down a job in Japan. I hate turning down work, but the understudy I have in the one woman show I'm in, won't be ready in time. It sucks, not only because I could really use the money, but I really love performing there. I'm hoping the company does another tour next year so I can go.

In Sale News

For the month of October, ALL SCARVES ARE $5 OFF! Go ahead and check them out! They're not only great for yourself as the weather gets cooler, but they're wonderful as gifts since you don't have to worry about what size to get.

Here's a shortcut to all of the scarves on sale at All Things Tangled!