Saturday, October 16, 2010

Early Mornings

It's an early morning for me today, as I have to go in to do a rehearsal at the Venetian. Even though I don't technically work there anymore, I'm still on call, so I have to go in and learn the new shows in case someone gets sick or goes on vacation or something.

I do like early mornings, I just don't like to actually have to do anything early. Sitting around and watching the sunrise is great with a cup of coffee...but leaving the house to interact with people is another story.

One sale!

So far one item has sold from the Friday's Favorites! Congratulations FuzzyLumpkinCrochet!

If you haven't gotten to see the favorites, go an check them out...lots of pink for everyone.

Scarf sale!

Remember, for the month of October, all of my scarves are $5 off! Plus free shipping anywhere in the US and Canada! Time is running out!

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