Friday, October 8, 2010

So much to catch up on...

Well, to start, I've added a new item. It's a Kindle Cover in illusion knitting. Lay it flat and the letters R E A D magic! I'm going to make some more if this one does well.

In Performing News

I had to turn down a job in Japan. I hate turning down work, but the understudy I have in the one woman show I'm in, won't be ready in time. It sucks, not only because I could really use the money, but I really love performing there. I'm hoping the company does another tour next year so I can go.

In Sale News

For the month of October, ALL SCARVES ARE $5 OFF! Go ahead and check them out! They're not only great for yourself as the weather gets cooler, but they're wonderful as gifts since you don't have to worry about what size to get.

Here's a shortcut to all of the scarves on sale at All Things Tangled!

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