Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Treasuries Love Bess

My Autumn Wool Dog Sweater modeled by my cute doggie Bess has appeared in yet another treasury. I think it's like the 7th since I re-opened my shop in September. I would have figured that it would have sold by now, but this hasn't really been the season for any of my doggie sweaters so far.

It's still early yet, and the holiday rush really hasn't begun... I'll just keep plugging away, and Bess will still work on her "modeling career".

Click here to see her latest treasury!!!


  1. You have a great model!
    Some of my most viewed items don't sell quickly either, but at least they bring people to my shop.

  2. She's pretty irresistible in that photo!!! I bet the sweater sells soon!


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