Monday, January 31, 2011

Out of Yarn! Help!

Sometimes when I start to create something for the first time, I don't necessarily think the thing all the way through, and then I'll run out of yarn. Most of the time I tend to use yarn that comes in colors that have been around for years and that I know I can easily find.

Did this happen this time? No...and of course it's the piece I'm pretty psyched about. It's kind of like this Swirly Scarf except that it's more intricate, will be an infinity scarf, and it's made of wool.

It was almost finished (because of course that's when it always happens, it never happens when you're only a quarter of the way through and can easily change gears...although, come to think of it, if I ran out of yarn a quarter of the way through, then I'd really have to reevaluate my eyesight and my guestimation abilities). I have half of the outer border and the inner border to go.

If you have, or know anyone that has PATONS YARN IN ROYAL PURPLE, I would be very happy if you contacted me so that I can buy just one more skein...(Ha! That almost makes me sound like a drug user).

I'll also continue my search online and hopefully, someday, this piece will make it into my shop.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Funday Video - Alan! Alan! Alan!

Another week has passed and again it's time for the Sunday Funday Video of the week. My friend posted this on Facebook last week and I thought it was so funny I had to share it with you.

The best of the talking animals on BBC!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Funky Ties

If I were a guy, I know I'd be one of those people that would wear one of those tacky, fun ties everyday for work. I love those things! Whenever the boyfriend and I are out shopping, I try to get him to buy them, but to this, he simply rolls his eyes. One reason, he doesn't often wear ties, and secondly, he thinks, as many do, that they are tacky.

I know it's perfectly acceptable for a woman to wear a tie if she chooses, but nothing in my wardrobe would look good with any tie, tacky or not. So I just contend myself to look at them and compliment those that I see wearing them.

Maybe someday I'll be rich enough to buy a whole new wardrobe just to go with all the ties I want to buy.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday's Favorites...Keep your winter warm!

In some parts of the country, not mine per se, but in many parts, it's really cold outside. We, as warm blooded creatures, must stay warm...and keep our young ones warm as well.

Here are a few ideas for that... You can't stay bundled in your house till spring, so go out and stay cozy in style!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Warm Submissions

I swear there is a warm bubble around my house. And though it sounds nice and cozy, it can lead to some issues. It doesn't matter if I check the thermometer, go out the front door or the back door, I always think, "My, it's a lovely day, I don't need a coat."

Then when I get about 1/4 of a mile away from my house, park the car and start walking to where ever I was going I think, "What was I thinking? It's freezing out here!" And I look around to see that everyone else was smart and bundled up.

I've taken to leaving warm stuff in my car for such occasions.

this warm stylish sweater is for sale!

Every Friday, I put together an etsy mini of some of my favorite items made by other sellers, post it on my blog, and call it the Friday's Favorites.

This week I'm looking for warm clothes and accessories! If you have something great for winter in your shop, post the link in the comments and check back tomorrow for the Friday's Favorites!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Until Next Winter...

Dear Christmas Tree,

I know I left you up much longer than I should, but you were so pretty with all your colored lights, and your Jack in the Box antenna ball at the top always made me smile. But now that it's almost February...(man, I take procrastination to new levels)'s time to go back into your box and into your summer home in the garage.

Goodnight, sleep tight, and don't let whatever's crawling in the garage bite.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Take it off Tuesday.. Doggie Style

Dog Hoodie, on sale now
This week's deal is this Hooded Dog Sweater with Fur Trim. Made from a soft acrylic yarn and with fun fur touches, your dog can not only be stylish, but stay warm too.

For today only, you can be the proud owner of this hoodie, and get 35% off! The coupon code is: TUESDAY, plus, as with everything in my store, there's FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE US AND CANADA!

There is only one available in my shop right now, so whoever buys it is the one who gets the deal.

Happy shopping!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Funday Video

Yeah, I know it's supposed to be the Sunday Funday video of the week, but there was so much to do yesterday...

The producers scheduled a special showing of the one woman show, for tour people, destinations people and a couple of reviewers. I had to get there before the wine and cheese party so that I'd be tucked away backstage, not to be seen until it was time for the show.

It went really well. I actually got a standing ovation...which I think is a first for me.

Then once that was all done, I had to get ready and do the show all over again for the regular night time performance. It was really tough doing that show back to back.

Now onto the video!

This video was a prank, and the girl was supposed to lift up each pot until she got to the end...see what happened:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Multilingual Evening

Today I was able to take the day off from the Venetian, since I have a gig in the early evening that would conflict. I was so excited since that's the only day the boyfriend has off...but...he works every third Saturday, and as my luck would have it, that would be today. I still haven't had a day off with him since Thanksgiving.

Tonight I'm first going to the theater and getting it set up for the one woman show, then driving down the street to do my Japanese magic show, for a group. Then turning around and going back to the theater to get into costume and to do the show.

I haven't done my act in Japanese since I was there this summer. If I don't use it a lot, some of the words escape me...or sometimes they come out in a different language than I intended...lets hope this isn't the case.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's Favorites! Make it yourself!

For this week's Friday's Favorites, I decided to focus on things that YOU can make. All of these items are patterns, and are all in .pdf format... that way they can be delivered straight to you, and you can get to work on them right away.

So show these designers some love and maybe you'll find something that tickles your fancy, or maybe you'll find a new project to work on this weekend!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Balloon Picture... And Submissions!

Showgirl costume made of balloons!
Alright, so I was able to get the picture off my phone of me in the balloon showgirl outfit. I didn't even need to ask the boyfriend for help as I often do with phone/computer communications.

As I said yesterday, it was quite a supportive bra top, and I didn't ever feel that I was going to fall out of it the whole evening.

The hardest part for me was keeping my stomach sucked in all night. I haven't been in a showgirl costume in years (balloon or otherwise), so it took a bit of getting used to.

Blue Chevron Fingerless Glove Pattern, for sale!

I was trying to come up with a theme that I hadn't used before, and then it hit me. PATTERNS! Since I've just recently (well, within the past few months) started posting my own patterns up for sale, I thought I would feature the wonderful world of them on my blog tomorrow.

For those that don't know, every Friday, I put together an etsy mini of some of my favorite items made by other sellers, post it on my blog and call it the "Friday's Favorites".

If you have any patterns in your shop right now (sewing, crochet, knitting, or anything else), post the link to them in the comments, and check back tomorrow for the Friday's Favorites!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Balloons, Balloons, Balloons

So last night, as a favor to a friend, I did an event where I modeled a showgirl outfit made entirely of balloons. I know a few of you have requested to see a picture, but so far, I haven't uploaded the one I took from my phone.

The outfit was cool, but lets just say that balloons are not the most slimming of attire.

Surprisingly, the balloons were quite supportive... the bra top held me in just fine...after 2 hours though, it did become a little itchy, and of course I forgot to bring baby powder.

When I sync my phone... I'll see just how the picture looks, and maybe I'll post it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Recovery...and other things

Well, it takes me until Tuesday to finally recover from the performing frenzy of the weekend. Although it isn't all relaxation now, I picked up a modeling job as a favor to a friend of mine. A looooong time ago I was a dancer and worked as a showgirl a little bit, now I'm going to be modeling a showgirl costume made entirely of balloons!'s a good thing I don't have a latex allergy ... and apparently I will be wearing something underneath so that it doesn't chaffe.

Before the gig, I have a great idea for a chunky doggie cardigan... fingers crossed that it turns out the way I see it in my head.

In other news:

I made my first doggie hoodie!!! I'm really proud of it, it's made of soft acrylic yarn and lined in fun fur. (I know dogs already have fur, but mine needs all the help she can

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Funday Video -It's winter, not "fall"-

There has been a lot in the news lately about driving while texting... Maybe we should address walking while texting. Check out this security footage of a girl who had problems doing just that.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend? What Weekend?

My life is kinda reversed right now from most people. I'm always happy when Monday comes, because that is the beginning of my weekend...and while everyone is looking forward to the upcoming weekend, I'm preparing for my work week to begin.

Saturday is always the hardest for me... 6 shows at the Venetian, then off to the theater to do my one woman show... it's a good 12 hour day. Sunday is the easiest, I get to relax all day, surveying the mess that accumulated on Friday and Saturday, then off to my one woman show at night.

Not that I'm complaining... I'm living the dream! It just seems kinda daunting on a Saturday morning when I'm on my first cup of coffee... Couple more, and I'll be raring to go.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's Favorites -Red Red Red-

When I picked the color red for this week's theme, it didn't even occur to me that Valentine's Day was growing near. How silly of me. But hey, I guess I picked red for a reason.

Here are some beautiful reds made by some talented etsy sellers. Please show them some love, after all, tis the season!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Submissions -being well "red"

Every Friday I put together an etsy mini of some of my favorite sellers, post it on my blog, and call it the "Friday's Favorites"! This week it's all about RED!!! If you have something red in your shop, or know someone who has some red in their shop, post the link here, then check back tomorrow for the Friday's Favorites!

Red and White Swirly Scarf

This week, my submission is my brand new Red and White Swirly Scarf. I made by using a hairpin lace technique, and I really love how it turned out. Depending on the response to this one, I might start making it in other color combinations too.

Remember to list your items and come back tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wonderful Wedding

Last night 2 of our friends got married. Well, actually re-married. They had done a ceremony in Hawaii over 10 years ago, but it wasn't recognized by the Catholic church, so last night they did it all over again.

Even though they've been together for years, and have 3 children, it was just as beautiful as the first time...maybe even more! They renewed their vows and with their children standing with them, and it brought tears to my eyes. They are such a good family...and the kids are adorable.

Afterwards we went out to eat at a restaurant called Roy's. Now being from Hawaii, I'd heard of this place, but hadn't been before... Apparently, I had to move all the way to Vegas to have my first bite. It's a Hawaiian fusion restaurant which started in Hawaii, and now has places in many major cities.

The food was to die for! I had a trio of shellfish (lobster, scallops and shrip) in a butter sauce with lobster infusion on a bed of pesto risotto. HEAVEN!!!!

If you are anywhere where's there's a Roy's, I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Take it off Tuesday -And keep your feet warm-

It's "Take it Off Tuesday" again, and this week's deal are these Purple and Pink House Socks!. I like house socks better than slippers, because often the slippers will slip right off your feet, where as socks will stay on and protect your feet from those cold floors; especially in the morning.

For those of you reading this blog today, you can get 35% off these slippers by using the coupon code TUESDAY... There is only one pair available, so it will be first come, first serve.

In other news:

Bess, my chihuahua, made it into another treasury. It's all about firey colors, so her sweater fits in perfectly!

Click here to see it...and leave a comment if you have the time

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Funday Video -- Korean Koolness

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, and I thought it was just too cool. I just love those things where everyone is syncronized to make an ever changing picture. What makes this different, is that they aren't holding up cards but are using their clothes and their jackets in order to change the colors and make the cool designs.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Surprise! ... It's Showtime!

Yesterday, the plan was, go to the Venetian, do 3 shows and then go to rehearsal as the one woman show was supposed to re-open today. Right after my final show at the Venetian, I received a call saying that they'd sold tickets and we were having a show THAT NIGHT!

Now I hadn't done the show in 2 weeks, so this was quite a nerve wracking phone call...on the flip side, I hate rehearsals but love doing shows, so it was good news as well.

We did a "quick" run through before the audience arrived and then I was on. Once the lights went up and the phone started ringing (that's my cue for coming onstage), I forgot about all the anxiety and just became the character and did it.

Tonight will be a bit more difficult as I have a full day at the Venetian (6 shows), plus the one woman show straight after... I'm gonna sleep well tonight.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday's Favorites - I've got the Blues

I never realized how popular a color blue was. I had more submissions this week than with any other theme I've ever done! It was so hard to pick and choose and the spots filled up quite quickly this week.

Hopefully this collection will help you rid yourself of those winter blues, and maybe you'll even find something that you can't live without!

Show these great artists some love, please!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Submissions in Blue

Every Friday, I put together an etsy mini of some of my favorite items made by other sellers, then I post it here and call it my Friday Favorites. This week I'm looking for BLUE. If you have something blue in your shop, post the link here and check back for the Friday's Favorites.

My blue is this Light Blue Headband Earwarmer! It keeps the hair out of your face, and keeps your ears warm all at the same time.

In other news:

I have a magic gig tonight at a golf course. It's an interesting gig since all the entertainment will be female magicians... there aren't a lot of us, so we're pretty tight knit. The two others performing are good friends of mine and it'll be great to see them and catch up.

Remember.... Show me your blue!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Book Review -Another World-

Yesterday I finished reading Another World by Pat Barker. There were some really cool elements in the story, and some, not so cool. The characters were great, and really well thought out, and the main story was both interesting and heartbreaking. There were other stories going on in the periphery that seemed to start the reader down a line and then were barely mentioned again. I was left wanting to know what happened with those stories after the main one was resolved. I don't know if this is a "must read", but if you do pick it up, it will definitely draw you in.


Geordie, a WWI veteran, is over 100, but is hanging on to life with the same stubbornness and iconoclasm that have seen him through the entire 20th century. His grandson, Nick, living in grim, contemporary Newcastle-on-Tyne, is struggling with his own life as he monitors Geordie's last days. Nick's teenage daughter from a previous marriage, Miranda, has come to stay; his new wife, Fran, with her own kid, Gareth, a computer games freak, has two-year-old Jasper to contend with and another baby on the way. Now it seems that their new house may be haunted by the kind of malign domestic spirit at large among Nick's little family. Geordie, too, has his own ghostsAa hideous war memory, long buried, that must be exorcised before he can die in peace.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Take it off Tuesday - and Scarf it Up

It's discount time. This week's "Take it Off Tuesday" deal is this Orange and Black Entrelac Scarf. 35% off just for you blog readers. The coupon code it TUESDAY. And as with everything in my shop, all items have free shipping anywhere in the US and Canada.

Go ahead, and keep the winter chill off of your neck in your new scarf! There is only one available, so it's first come first serve.

In other news:

I managed to get out of the yarn store relatively unscathed. I got what I needed and then splurged on a set of needles. I didn't really need them since I already had that size, but mine were wood, and I prefer metal... one extra item is definitely considered a success in my book.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Dangers of the Yarn Store

Today, I'm off into the yarn store. It's always a dangerous place for me to go, since I walk in there needing two things and I walk out with ten. It doesn't matter how I prepare myself for battle, I'm always beaten by the luscious fibers... even the not so luscious ones that call to me too.

The muses are there, waiting for me too. Stalking me behind the aisles. Ready to come out and ping me with a new idea right when I'm standing next to the most expensive yarn I can find.

The yarn store employees should really cut me off, but no one does.... so here I go, off to feed my addiction.... it's gonna be great.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Funday Video ... what cats say...

Sometimes I wonder what cats are saying to each other, especially when they're doing cute things. I don't know if this is what is actually going through their heads, but I sure would like to think so.