Saturday, January 8, 2011

Surprise! ... It's Showtime!

Yesterday, the plan was, go to the Venetian, do 3 shows and then go to rehearsal as the one woman show was supposed to re-open today. Right after my final show at the Venetian, I received a call saying that they'd sold tickets and we were having a show THAT NIGHT!

Now I hadn't done the show in 2 weeks, so this was quite a nerve wracking phone call...on the flip side, I hate rehearsals but love doing shows, so it was good news as well.

We did a "quick" run through before the audience arrived and then I was on. Once the lights went up and the phone started ringing (that's my cue for coming onstage), I forgot about all the anxiety and just became the character and did it.

Tonight will be a bit more difficult as I have a full day at the Venetian (6 shows), plus the one woman show straight after... I'm gonna sleep well tonight.


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