Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Multilingual Evening

Today I was able to take the day off from the Venetian, since I have a gig in the early evening that would conflict. I was so excited since that's the only day the boyfriend has off...but...he works every third Saturday, and as my luck would have it, that would be today. I still haven't had a day off with him since Thanksgiving.

Tonight I'm first going to the theater and getting it set up for the one woman show, then driving down the street to do my Japanese magic show, for a group. Then turning around and going back to the theater to get into costume and to do the show.

I haven't done my act in Japanese since I was there this summer. If I don't use it a lot, some of the words escape me...or sometimes they come out in a different language than I intended...lets hope this isn't the case.

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