Monday, January 31, 2011

Out of Yarn! Help!

Sometimes when I start to create something for the first time, I don't necessarily think the thing all the way through, and then I'll run out of yarn. Most of the time I tend to use yarn that comes in colors that have been around for years and that I know I can easily find.

Did this happen this time? No...and of course it's the piece I'm pretty psyched about. It's kind of like this Swirly Scarf except that it's more intricate, will be an infinity scarf, and it's made of wool.

It was almost finished (because of course that's when it always happens, it never happens when you're only a quarter of the way through and can easily change gears...although, come to think of it, if I ran out of yarn a quarter of the way through, then I'd really have to reevaluate my eyesight and my guestimation abilities). I have half of the outer border and the inner border to go.

If you have, or know anyone that has PATONS YARN IN ROYAL PURPLE, I would be very happy if you contacted me so that I can buy just one more skein...(Ha! That almost makes me sound like a drug user).

I'll also continue my search online and hopefully, someday, this piece will make it into my shop.

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