Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kitty Toilet Training 7

I'm currently training my cat to use a human toilet. For more of the back story about this, Click Here.

Alfred has been doing great....mostly. When using a bowl in the toilet, I found it has to be cleaned a lot more than a regular litter box, and failure to do so as quickly as Alfred would like results in alfred having a pee in some other place. This has been trial and error on both of our parts.

For the past week though, all fluids and pieces have gone in the correct place, but because of the mishaps, I'm afraid to take the final step and remove the bowl. I don't keep very much litter in there now, and I know he's a bright cat, but I think I'm gonna give it at least another week before taking the plunge.... and lets hope he doesn't plunge as well.

I really can't wait until this is all done, however the boyfriend and I are going on a trip soon, and Alfred will be staying with a friend. We might have to go back a couple of steps when he gets back... poor kitty might be too confused.


  1. Since reading about this earlier on your blog I have given it some consideration and have decided I will definitely try this when I get another cat.

    My Pumpkin is 12 years old and I think it's too late at this point. Now that she's older she can't seem to jump onto things that were no problem before. I will definitely do this with my next cat.

  2. Wow, this sounds so cool and like a lot of work. It's equally impressive for the amount of time, dedication, and work on behalf of yourself and your kitty!

  3. Oh! My! I was wondering about how some cats learn to use the toilet.
    Mine is one month old and i am happy h uses the litter box :))


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