Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I've been having a lot of auditions lately.  I remember when I used to get so nervous, and then I'd stress for days wondering if I got the job or not.  

Nowadays, I've been to so many hundreds of them that they don't phase me anymore, and in fact, when I do get the job, sometimes I don't even remember auditioning for it.  There is very rarely a rejection letter in the entertainment industry, either you hear from them, or you don't.  It's usually best to forget about something once you've tried out, otherwise, you'll drive yourself crazy wondering.


  1. Good luck!
    I think auditions would be SO stressful! I admire your tenacity and positive attitude.

  2. So you are a magician? I tried singing with a band for a while. Got burnt so fast that I've given it up for a while. You have a great attitude, I wish you luck!

  3. Unusual combination of interests/pastimes/activities/businesses - call them what you will! Good luck with them, one and all in 2012.


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