Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two Hats Done ... hmmm... a blanket?

When looking at my shop, I realized that my hats were really lacking.  I just finished making two new ones in a beret style.  I'm hoping to have them listed by Thursday, but sometimes time can get away from you.

Next project will have little to do with etsy.  When I was on vacation at the boyfriend's family's lake house, there were a ton of afghans that his grandmother made. Now I'm inspired and want to make a new blanket for the boyfriend's chair. (The dogs claimed the comforter that was on there before)

I haven't made an afghan in years... probably since I opened my etsy shop.  I've had a granny square one in the works for a while now that I add to whenever I have scraps, but I don't count that since it might be years before I have enough scraps to finish it.

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  1. Good luck with the afghan project. And you may finish your granny square afghan sooner than you think. I've been making 2" squares from fabric scraps (same project)-saving them to make a quilt someday. My grandma had a granny square afghan--so pretty!


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