Thursday, September 13, 2012

Submissions: Baby

Every Friday, I put together a treasury of some of my favorite items made by other etsy sellers, post it on my blog and call it the Friday's Favorites.

Last week's treasury, Plethora of Purple, had 237 views, 60 comments, 115 clicks, 41 admirers and one sale! Congrats boundbyhand!

This week, I'm looking for BABY STUFF, preferably with the actual baby (they're so cute!). If you have any baby stuff in your shop, post the link in the comments and check back tomorrow for the Friday's Favorites.

Don't have baby stuff? Feel free to nominate a friend's item and help spread the love.


  1. Here's mine:

  2. I have a few to choose from but here is a great baby blanket:

  3. I only have furbabies, but I do make quilts for babies. Here's a crib quilt for a baby girl:

  4. How about some baby toys - Bunnies mostly, but also Little Bears. They can be seen at for the bears, and there are several listings (depending on Bunny colour) for Baby Bunnies. Feel free to wander around. Isobel

  5. There are SO many baby items on Etsy that I absolutely adore, but this one is really cool:

    Can't wait to see your treasury!
    from Blogging Buddies


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