Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Lovely Thanksgiving

Well, to tell you the truth, my Thanksgiving started out horrible.  Wednesday night I couldn't sleep because I had the biggest headache ever.  And I kept trying to sleep, knowing that if I'm asleep, I can't feel the headache.  Nothing was working.  I knew I had to be up early, as I was doing living statue at 10am.

I couldn't call in sick.  First of all, Thanksgiving is a big money day for statues, plus, if you call in sick on a holiday, you need a doctor's note, so I'd be out the money I would have made, plus the money for the doctor's visit.

At 6:30, the headache finally lifted and the angels sang.  I was exhausted but pain free. I couldn't go back to bed at that point because it would have made it worse when I did get up. So I drank about a pot of coffee and got ready to go.

Now being tired for a normal day of work is difficult, but being tired while you have to stand absolutely still is a monster. Somehow, I managed to get through the shift. Luckily statue shifts are four hours and I was done by 2.

When I crawled through the door, the boyfriend had Thanksgiving cooked and on the table.  I'm so grateful it was his turn this year to cook. He prefers ham over turkey, and if he's making it, he can make whatever his heart desires as far as I'm concerned.  He had ham, corn, rolls and a wonderful bison-green bean casserole topped with cheese and tater tots. Of course there was apple pie for dessert.

I'm am currently waiting to hear from the Guinness judges on whether I have taken the world record in most weight gained in a 12 hour period.  I'll keep you posted. lol.


  1. So glad you're feeling better! I'd have never made it through a 4-hour shift after drinking a pot of coffee.

    Kudos to your boyfriend. But I think you have LOTS of competition for that Most Weight Gained in a 12 Hour Period category!! Several of us waddled away from the feast -- but then came back for pumpkin pie.

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